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Mobile Washer is proud to present three complete lines of commercial application washers in addition to our own line of manufactured cold pressure washers.





The world's largest provider of cleaning equipment and the worldwide leader in pressure washer design and innovation. Mobile Washer has over 20 years of working with KEW and is a leading national retailer and service provider.


Hot Water Power Washers from Nilfisk-ALTO


Neptune 3

The perfect companion for those who don't want to carry around a big machine, but want big results. It's built to the industry's highest standard and is willing to take on the biggest jobs. It's easy to transport and features one control panel for all operations. Its EcoPower feature reduces heating costs, making it cost friendly.  

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Neptune 5

Offers superior cleaning technology and performance, with its EcoPower system and 1750 RPM motor with low noise level. It's designed to be user friendly, featuring an ergo accessory system, and one central control panel, while also offering reduced running costs.Mobile Washer partners with commercial and industrial property owners and managers to provide an array of cleaning, maintenance, and management services.

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Neptune 7

Features a C3 pump with four ceramic pistons for superior cleaning performance. Its 1750 RPM motor exerts great power while also offering a low noise operating level. The EcoPower system reduces heating costs, its ergo accessory system adds to user comfort, and the one central control panel makes operation simple.

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Cold Water Power Washers from Nilfisk-ALTO


Poseidon 2 & 3

High pressure levels equal powerful cleaning.  Its easy-to-use functions, ergonomic design, and quick and simple detergent application make it the perfect washer for anyone.  It features a stainless steel FlexoPower lance, is extremely shock resistant, and is easy to transport and store in most areas.Mobile Washer partners with commercial and industrial property owners and managers to provide an array of cleaning, maintenance, and management services.

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Poseidon 5

Features powerful 1750 RPM motor pump units while not costing you your hearing - it features a 50% noise level reduction.  It also uses fully-ceramic piston sleeves.  Its one central control panel for all operations and visible oil levels make it extremely user-friendly too.Mobile Washer partners with commercial and industrial property owners and managers to provide an array of cleaning, maintenance, and management services.

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Poseidon 7

Offers you rock-solid cleaning equipment with its heavy-duty C3 pumps, powerful 1750 RPM motor, and ceramic pistons.  It can hold water of up to 185°F and features the Ergo 3000 Spray Gun for powerful cleaning.

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We carry a full line of Hydro-Tek power cleaning equipment.


For over 20 years Hydro Tek Systems has been manufacturing high quality pressure washers, steam cleaners, power washers and cleaning accessories that Contract, Commercial and Industrial cleaners rely on to get the job done right!


Cold Water Power Washers -- Pressure Steamers

Hot Water Natural Gas Washers -- Mobile Wash Skids -- Trailers


Cold Water Power Washers from Hydro-Tek


CP Series.jpg


The CP Series is the versatile, full-featured, value conscious choice in heavy duty cold-water pressure washers or power washers. Stainless Steel construction of the base plate and frame offers lifetime corrosion resistance. The smooth running engine is equipped pressure lubrication, oil filtration and a large fuel tank. The CP Series is perfect for jobs requiring high pressure and high mobility: On-site equipment cleaning and auto-detailing, graffiti removal, paint preparation, moss and mildew removal from sidewalks and decks, wet sandblasting and more. This CP Series is an excellent companion tool for the professional who wants performance and durability.


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CN / CW Series

CN Series.jpg


The portable CN Series pressure washer delivers full pressure soap injected cleaning right where you need it. The Auto On/Off systems allows you to attack dirt with just one squeeze of the spray gun; no running back to the unit to turn it on and off. The CN Series all stainless construction, sealed electrical box and heavy-duty components provide trouble free service and low maintenance; even when used everyday in harsh commercial environments. The CN power washer is always ready to clean up at manufacturing  and food processing plants, bakeries, car and truck washes, facilities and institutions; anywhere electrical power is available and repetitive cleaning is needed.


The CW Series can combine it pressure output with you existing hot water supply (rated up 160°F Standard or with a 190°F option). It produces quick results on the toughest hot cleaning and sanitizing jobs with out the expense of another hot water heater. Save your time with Auto On and Auto Shutdown, downstream soap input and pressure adjustment that is conveniently controlled right at the spray gun. The durable construction of the CW pressure washer won't let you down and the wall mount stainless steel frame design will free up floor space. It is prefect for cleaning at restaurants, dairy farms, meat packing and food processing plants or facility where electrical power and a hot water supply are available.


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Pressure Steamers


HD Series


HD Pro Line.jpg  

Your need for portability and high power are matched by the reliable and easy to use HD Series. It is easily moved to various cleaning sites with its double lift handles. The HD Series features heavy-duty stainless steel frame, handles, panels, and coil protection – offering lifetime corrosion resistance. The belt driven pump runs at low speed for an extended life. The adjustable chemical valve and temperature control with steam setting, operates at full rated pressure for better cleaning to allow many different applications. Our unique dual pass heat exchanger is enclosed in durable stainless steel and is designed to use less fuel, up to 8 hours of operation between refueling. The HD Series power washer provides value long into the future. The HD is ideal for facility maintenance, auto detailing, sanitizing, degreasing, and much more.


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HP Series


Pressures from 2000 to 2800 PSI -- Water flows up to 4.2 Gallons Per Minute
Electric Motor 115, 208 and 230 volt options -- Diesel fired burner


The portable HP Series pressure washer delivers a balance of pressure, water flow and heat required for the fastest cleaning. A side-by-side demonstration will show that cleaning performance is determined more by the combination of water, heat and flow, not just pressure. The HP pressure washer has the high capacity burner to accommodate high water flow and achieves a higher temperature rise than other washers and saves valuable time and effort. To save you even more time, it features auto on/off, remote downstream soap control and adjustable pressure, giving the operator control at the spray gun and saving pump components and wear. It even has full pressure steam setting to clean faster on heavy equipment, greasy floors, dirty walls, oily steel or any grime-ridden surface.


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  HP Series.jpg

HX Series


Pressures from 2100 to 3500 PSI -- Water flows up to 4.3 Gallons Per Minute
Electric Motor 230, 208 and 460 volt options -- Diesel fired burner


The HX Series pressure washer combines high pressure, hot water with exceptional heat rise for the ultimate performance in diesel fired cleaning machines. The half million BTU capacity burner provides superior heating capability even from the coldest water supply, increasing your cleaning speed and performance. The machine and burner start and stop instantly when the trigger gun is pulled or released, saving valuable time and water. The temperature can also be adjusted to steam with out any reduction to the water output flow for aggressive cleaning applications. The stainless steel panels and dependable auto start design give years of trouble free service even if used everyday. An invaluable power washer preferred by institutions, facilities, restaurant and maintenance yards. Use it any where electrical power is available or preferred for grease and grime clean up.


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    HX Ulitmate Line.jpg

Hot Water Natural Gas Washers


HN Series


Pressures from 2000 to 3500 PSI -- Water flows up to 7.4 Gallons Per Minute
Electric motor 230, 208 and 460 volt options -- Natural Gas or Liquid Propane fired burner

    HN natural gas.jpg

Is your cleaning system ready to work anytime you are? With the HN series pressure washer , there is no need to light a pilot, refill the fuel tank, or hunt down a water hose. Simply set the switch to hot or cold and start cleaning. The low speed belt driven pump system is built for reliability. It also features a float tank and full pressure soap injection. The auto ignition burner runs on natural gas or optional liquid propane to help keep the air clean. The flip open stainless steel cover provides protections and easy access for maintenance. The stationary design and high output is ideal for in-plant cleaning, car or truck washing, maintenance yards, industrial applications, and equipment repair cleaning at a price that is less than you might expect.


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Mobile Wash Skids


SS Series


Pressures from 2800 to 4000 PSI -- Water flows up to 5.5 Gallons Per Minute
12 volt Diesel fired burner -- Briggs & Stratton and Honda Gasoline Engines

    SS Pro Line.jpg

When electricity is not available and high power cleaning is needed, the SS Series pressure washer provides the solution. The commercial duty gas or diesel engine provides the power to both the pump and the diesel fired burner, for hot water, high pressure cleaning at remote sites. The rugged frame can be trailer mounted or can be rolled through a 30” doorway with its optional wheel kit. An invaluable power washer for property management companies, contractors, farmers, mechanics, or anyone who requires a mobile solution to dirt, grease, and grime.


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SC Series


Pressures from 3000 to 4000 PSI -- Water flows up to 9 Gallons per minute
On-board 2900 Watt Generator -- 120 volt Fired Burner Briggs & Stratton, Kohler or Honda Gasoline Engines Kubota or Yanmar Diesel Engines


The SC Series skid is a total self-contained high output hot pressure washer with serious, industrial cleaning power. It is designed to withstand daily use by professionals who rely on its dependability and cleaning speed top make a living. The SC Series pressure washer includes a super high output burner with extended fuel capacities and a 2.9 Kw generator with 115v auxiliary power outlets that are perfect for lights or other optional equipment like our wash water recovery systems or water recycling systems. Its high impact cleaning power, rugged stainless steel construction and Pro-Tect-It frame enable it to handle huge cleaning tasks with ease and without the need for an outside power source. The SC pressure washer has proven itself time and time again in commercial and industrial applications, so whether you are cleaning ships, heavy equipment, buildings or concrete - the SC will be on hand, giving you the power to get the job done right.


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  SC Pro Line.jpg

SCU Series


Detergent flow metering at full pressure  -- Heavy duty hose 50’ 5800 PSI, 2500 rated
110V Burners with on-board 2900 watt generator

    SC Ultimate Line.jpg

Experience ultimate duty cleaning power. The SCU Series has the reserve horsepower and heat rise to get the job done faster, with less soap and reduced noise pollution. It has a rust proof, stainless steel frame and long lasting, quality components to withstand the daily use that a professional demands. The built-in generator has additional capacity to run lights or water recycle accessories and you can also carry water with the optional ProTowWash ® trailer for total self-containment.


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Pro Tow Wash Portable Trailer ®


Single or Dual Axle -- 185, 270, 370 and 540 gallon water capacities
Electric and hydraulic surge brake options

trailer with options.jpg  

The highly versatile Pro Tow Wash ® is designed with single or tandem axles for easy towing and a choice of 185 to 540 gallon water capacity. The ability to tow high water volume allows you to clean at remote sites where a water source may not be available or lets you work in a variety of areas without having to hunt for a water supply at each site. When you need mobile hot or cold water high pressure cleaning, these transport trailers with pressure washer, water tank and hose reels are the answer. Hydro Tek’s Pro Tow Wash ® is the first choice of contract cleaning professionals in the United States. Great for city maintenance, rental yards, logging, mining, or construction areas. Trailer brake options are surge or electric.


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Whitco Cleaning Systems, formerly Whitco Inc, was founded in 1978 in Northwest Arkansas by the Whitmire Brothers, Gale, Dwayne, Steve and Kenneth, along with their father, Paul. Housed in a 5000 square foot manufacturing facility, their first production item was the Model 160 Oil Fired Portable Space Heater. In January of 1979, the Whitmires used their entrepreneurial skills to design and produce high quality pressure washers for a company located in Portland, OR. Later that year, Whitco introduced three branded hot pressure washers and one steam combination machine.


Over the years Whitco progressed into one of the leading manufacturers of high quality industrial cleaning systems boasting a product line of more than 100 models as well as numerous special designs for consumer applications.



We have developed a line of easy to use, rugged and affordable personal power washers. Assembled from the finest, time tested components available and constructed by our own expert technicians, these pressure washers will have you asking why you ever settle for anything else.


Mobile Washer Offers 3 Custom Built Models

  • H55 2300psi at 2.5 gallons per minute power by Honda
  • R70 2500psi at 3.0 gallons per minute power by Robin of Subaru
  • R135 3500psi at 4.0 gallons per minute power by Robin of Subaru


Pressure Washers by Mobile Washer Include

  • An Annovi Reverberi radial axial, heavy duty pump
  • 50' 3/8" single wire, high pressure hose
  • ST 1500 trigger gun
  • 36" single lance wand
  • 5 Pack of high pressure nozzles for every cleaning application
  • Quick Coupling hose connectors
  • Downstream soap injection systems with line and strainer




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Mobile Washer has been providing commercial and residential cleaning & restoration services to customers in the Upper Midwest since 1992.  Today we serve customers all over the country, from windfarms in the West to factories in the East.


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We provide services large and small. Our operations are flexible enough to support jobs as small as single family residential deck cleaning and as large as 1000 stall parking garages - so chances are we can support your project as well. But if you still aren't sure, just give us a call and ask.


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